About Us

Care for the Wild is a charity based in Sussex dedicated to the protection of wildlife in the UK and abroad. We aim to Rescue, Protect and Defend wildlife through projects, adoptions, sanctuaries and campaigns.

Our key campaign areas are:

Stop the Killing: focussing on areas such as the poaching of elephants and rhino for their tusks/horns, and the killing of tigers and lions so their parts can be made into tonics. Our anti-poaching patrols in Kenya and India have achieved great success against the odds, and we also work on the legislative level, eg we were successful in promoting the protection of Slow Lorises at the CITES convention in 2007.

UK Wildlife: we fund sanctuaries across the UK which look after around 10,000 animals a year. We campaign on issues where we believe wildlife is at risk, such as fighting the Badger Cull in England, and supporting calls for a close-season for hares.

RIGHT-tourism: millions of animals around the world are used for tourism, whether it be through zoos or dolphinariums, on safari, for peformance or 'photo-props', as beasts of burden, for 'traditional' activities and so on. Our www.RIGHT-tourism.org website offers factual information on animal-tourism in every country in the world.

Press releases

USA Knock Out Belgium to Go Through to Quarter Finals (of the World Cup...

The USA have sensationally qualified for the quarter finals of the World Cup (for Wildlife) after beating Belgium 3-2 in a tense encounter. While... read more

Press Release • 03.07.2014 • By Care for the Wild International

Badger Trust's new CEO is leading anti-cull spokesman

Wildlife celebrities, politicians from across the board, scientists and anti-cull farmers have welcomed the appointment of a leading anti-cull... read more

Press Release • 25.02.2014 • By Care for the Wild International

Wildlife Travel the RIGHT Way – Popular Magazine Teams up with...

A popular wildlife magazine has teamed up with a charity campaign to encourage tourists to enjoy the world’s animals – but without harming them.... read more

Press Release • 04.02.2014 • By Care for the Wild International

UK Government Urged: Foreign Aid Cash Must Be Used to Lead the Charge...

MPs and charities are calling on the UK government to divert Foreign Aid money into helping fight wildlife crime like elephant poaching. An... read more

Press Release • 27.11.2013 • By Care for the Wild International

Smile - You've Just Killed My Mum... Charity launches hard hitting...

Having your photo taken with a wild animal in a tourist resort is rewarding animal abuse and can cause the death of 50 animals for every one used... read more

Press Release • 07.11.2013 • By Care for the Wild International

Notorious Indian Tiger Poachers Jailed in Landmark Conviction

Undercover work funded by UK charity leads to ‘one in a thousand’ breakthrough Six notorious tiger poachers have been jailed in Southern... read more

Press Release • 06.09.2013 • By Care for the Wild International

Bodger and Badger are Back! TV Favourites Return For a One-Off...

Kids TV favourites Bodger and Badger have returned to the screen for a special episode in which Badger unwittingly gets involved in the Somerset... read more

Press Release • 20.08.2013 • By Care for the Wild International